A Letter of a Private


Sung by Kim Kwang seok.

Since in my mid twenties, I have enjoyed listening to his songs. His pure and melancholy voice always makes me feel comfortable. Interestingly enough, his songs often remind me of Eva cassidy, one of the greatest voices of her generation from America, even they are the opposite sex. By the way, I was surprised to know the fact by chance that both of them died at the same year in 1996 and age of 33. I have wondered how such a coincidence could happen. Of course, the cause of the death was different: she died of cancer whereas he took his own life. To put in an interesting fact, Eva Peron, wife of the president of the Argentine Republic, died from cancer, aged 33 in 1952.

The music video posted is a part of the film, 'Joint Security Area' released in 2000 in South Korea. This film seems to have tried to show the new viewpoint under the confrontation between South and North korea, and drew more than 5 million audiences unexpectedly.

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