"NO". It's one of the shortest words in the English language and also one of the most difficult to say. How many times have you agreed to do something that you didn't want to do?
As for me, One of the regretful things in my life is not to say 'NO' when I have to do. Why didn't the word 'NO' come out whenever I was asked to do something? Foolishly enough, I had been afraid of not being liked. As time goes by, I got to know reckless "YES" responses made me feel angry with myself. Far from being appreciated, I sometimes experienced to be misused or feel slighted. After a lot of trials and errors, I could get out of my delusion.

Say "YES" if you want, but don't have to justify yourself and give reasons for saying "NO".

The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.
- Tony Blair.


Joyce said...

Yes, I do agree with you. 'No' is the shortest word but the most difficult to say. However, the irony is the more explanations given when you say 'no', the less sucessful you will be in negotiating. Just llke you are trying to reject a salesman.

I have grew to become a person who speaks my thoughts. When I say 'no', it means 'no' and my friends knew i mean it and now they don't bother to change my thoughts into a 'yes' anymore. Therefore, say 'no' when you really mean it with no regrets.

takefive said...

Hi! Joyce...
I can't forget visiting your blog first. As I said then, I had a strong impression on your serious attitude to life though you're in undergrad. I felt you'd been ready for living a valuable life. I sometimes tell my kids and students to follow your example, not to take a passive act. Take care! ^_^