Arirang by Jang Sa-ik


What a natural, powerful voice!
Jang sa-ik is one of the traditional Korean singers trying to harmonize the traditional genre with the modern feeling. He was born in 1949, going into the world of Korean traditional music in 1980. He has never been taught a formal music education. He sings for his liking, not for a job. whenever I listen to his songs, I feel totally warm-hearted and touched.
GangNam Arirang performed here is a variation on the theme of the original Arirang with some lyrics added. Arirang is the most popular and best-known Korean folk song, both inside and outside Korea. The main meaning of the song is "I am crossing over Arirang Pass. The one who abandoned me will not walk even ten li(1 li as a distance unit is equivalent to about 0.4km) before one's feet hurt."
He is scheduled to tour the United States June 2 through 24 with a concert entitled "Jang Sa-ik Soripan: Longing..."

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